Yep, I'm that mom..


We are just getting home from siennas parent night at the school (which,by the way, I still feel too young to have to be at). I have been laughing almost constantly since leaving there. Even throughout our romantic kid-free time following the meeting, which was spent buying diapers at Walmart of course, I couldnt help but chuckle every few minutes.. See, I experienced tonight one of those "yep, I'm THAT mom" moments. In the meeting they were discussing the need for parent volunteers at the casino night which is ran to raise funds for the school. Quickly following this request they went over how the funds recieved through this would be spent. They stated that some of the money would be used to make a substantial donation to a charity for gambling addiction recovery. Well I, finding this completely ironic, burst out laughing assuming that others would also see the humor in this. It turns out, however, that aside from one of my 'mom friends' and my husband, no one else did. Instead, I received multiple disapproving looks from around the room.. Oops. Yep, I am THAT mom.. This isn't the first time I've had one of these moments, and I am certain that it won't be the last!
*****Please don't get me wrong.. I do not find gambling addictions or the effect they have on peoples lives funny.*****


  1. HA!! Oh, this is so me. I have had a few similar awkward situations in the past few weeks, looking around to see if anyone else gets the irony/joke/hilariousness-of-it-all and nope, i'm the only one. I'm glad you're that mom, i think it's the best kind to be :)

  2. That is kind of odd to have a casino night to benefit gambling addiction recovery. I've definitely been "that mom" before.
    "Oh, no one else is laughing...just me? Maybe they didn't get that it was funny? Maybe it wasn't funny? Stop laughing Ashley!"
    Don't worry, "those moms" are the FUN moms =)

  3. lol...that would have totally been me laughing to...the irony of it all. :)



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