Dear Sticks and Stones..


Dear Camera. I know I have seriously been neglecting you (again).. I have found that since I have slowly been moving forward with starting a photography business I have stopped using my camera in my day-to-day life. Why? I'm not sure. I need to pick you up again. Capture my kids, my life, with more than just my Iphone. Although I sure do love me some Instagram! (you can follow my addiction if you like. Username is @brandyjanemabel)
Dear Husband. You make life so much greater..
Dear Readers. If you haven't noticed there have been a few slight changes around here. I made the mistake of playing around a bit without actually having the time to make it all good. Anyways, bear with me. I am hoping for a complete overhaul sometime soon. I shall soon be blind from staring at code for hours and hours..
Dear 2 Boys from Sienna's Grade 1 Class. It wasn't very kind of you to call Coen's new haircut "gross" and "dirty." Didn't your parents teach you any manners?
Dear Coen. I am so proud of you for how you handled yourself with these boys. Your soft little heart just shrugged it off and you just smiled and them kindly and went on your way. I know you aren't perfect either. I know that someday you will probably say something hurtful to someone else, but I pray that you would remain soft and forgiving and that you would remember that words can sometimes cause more hurt more than sticks and stones ever could..
I'm so in love with this kid..




  1. his hair is adorable. i pray God keeps his heart soft.

    1. I love Coan's hair and so do Ava and Ace! I really like your photo too girl!

  2. Bullies are so difficult to deal with, I'm sorry they hurt your sweet boy:/

    I love you new look around here!




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