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We showed some friends of ours our wedding pictures last night. It made me kind of sad because our pictures are horrible! This is the only one that I like. Please excuse the awful quality, I took a picture of the picture with my iphone. Whenever I talk to any soon-to-be brides I always tell them not to skimp on their photographer. It is the one thing thing that will last beyond the wedding day. I am assisting at 2 weddings this summer, and I feel the pressure because I know what it is like to be unhappy with your wedding photos. I am up for the challenge though, and I am excited to see what it is like on the other side of the camera!!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! That's very good advice.

  2. Such good advice! Also an egagement shoot if you can afford it so you have an opportunity to see how you and the photographer work together. Good luck shooting this summer!

  3. Awww =( That makes me sad for you guys. I hate missing an amazing opportunity to take great photos. Have you ever thought of getting dressed up, if possible, in the same dress (or another wedding dress) and taking beautiful pictures to make up for the ones you don't have? Just a thought! The same happened for us and our videographer. Our wedding footage looks like it was filmed by a child, it's so shaky! We were very disappointed with the way our wedding dvd turned out.

  4. Who are you assisting? Of course I agree with you about wedding photos being important. I still feel such immense pressure/responsibility when shooting a wedding, butterflies every time.

    You should dress up again, I agree with Becky. Not sure if Jeremy would be into it though... I did 10 year anniversary pics for a friend this year. She got all dressed up again, we did it right near her anniversary, and then they had a 10 year party and we had the pics up for that event. It was really special and relaxed.

    1. I would love to do some anniversary pics one day. I think Jer would agree!! I'm not sure I could do up my dress though lol..
      I am assisting my sister-in-law and my friend Jessica this summer. Looking forward to seeing what it is like, but glad I don't have to carry the weight of it!
      I think it is a good thing that you never lose that feeling. Maybe that is why your work is always so wonderful!
      Love you and pray you and you beautiful family are doing well.

  5. You are so right! I am one of those people that skimped and wish I never would have!!! Good luck assisting. As a photographer weddings are one thing I won't do:) It is so much pressure! I am sure you will do great. I do love this picture though.

    and i agree on the photography thing, too!
    our pics are sad sad sad! :/

  7. totally agree. that was the one thing i refused to skimp on (even though it made my fiance mad), and i don't regret it because i absolutely love our wedding photos. i still think that one of you guys is pretty, though. and now you have the opportunity to make other people's days special :)



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