Scraped knees..


This past Friday I thought I would be a good mom and let Coen ride his new hand-me-down bike to go pick up his sister after school. So, I put shoes on Houston and Coen and ventured out on this sunny day. Coen excitedly grabbed his bike, and while still on the driveway he hopped on. As I watched him starting to pick up speed as he petaled down the sloped driveway I realized that this little inexperienced bike rider was not going to be able to stop at the bottom! I think Coen had the realization at about the same time as me as panic set in for both of us. I dove forward trying to take hold of the bike as Coen frantically attempted to stop it on his own.. Just as I got close enough to reach him the bike tipped, falling out of my grasp along with my sweet boy. He hit the ground hard and started to cry. At about the same time my youngest let out a big scream. I turned back and realized that while I was running toward Coen I was still holding my littlest's hand. His short legs were unable to keep up with my quick strides. At some point he had fallen and I must have been dragging him behing me. So, there we sat, the 3 of us. Both my boys had scraped and bleeding knees. I tried to console them as best as I could, and I tried to console myself as I felt like the worlds worst mother at this point. Thankfully, kids are resilient little creatures. After I kissed their little boo boos better and stuck a bandaid on my pride, we set out with our original plan and ended up enjoying our walk in the end. I don't know why the thought of all this now makes me laugh. The thought of the 3 of us piled up on the driveway tears coming from every eye. My good intentions taking a clumsy turn. I'm so glad my children have grace for me and my imperfect parenting moments!


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