When the kids are gone..


Well, our weekend was FULL. Much of it was spent without the kids because my hubby and I had some training and meetings to go to at our church.
It is crazy how much I miss the kids when they are not with me. I like breaks. I need breaks. Breaks are good, but life just doesn't feel normal when they are not near me! Even though at times it drives me crazy in the moment, I feel a void when I don't hear "mom" called to me every few minutes.. I miss the unexpected comments that make me laugh and the constant entertainment they provide. They are just so precious, so silly, so busy, so crazy. I just love hanging out with them..

Houston is missing in this picture, but I love hanging out with him too..


  1. Ha, this post made me smile, laugh, and almost cry too! I feel EXACTLY the same way when I'm away from our kids. When Scott and I get a chance to go out alone, I'm the one constantly talking about our kids! You're such an awesome mom with WONDERFUL kids! We love your family! xo

  2. i love this! i feel the same way! adalia is with a sitter twice a week so i can do school work, but i miss her SO stinkin much when she is gone! breaks are great, but getting baby back is even better! its like vacation...i am always so ready for vacation, then at the end, i am so ready to get back home!

  3. Oh my word, this picture made my day! It is nice to get a break, sometimes I still feel like i have to get to our bathroom and lock the door behind me to get a break, but funny how we miss them too!

  4. love it! U all are so beautiful=)xo

  5. I love this! And feel the same way! I always want a break and then when I get one I'm so sad to be away! Haha. Love this pic of you guys though! Just precious.

  6. This is an amazing photo!!!!! I am a new follower. I am good friend of STephanie from Love.Life.Babies. SHe is guest blogging for me today and I just sawe your button on her sidebar and decided to come by and say hello. So glad I did. Your blog is lovely. New follower:)

    xoxoxo hanna



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