A wall of pictures..



1.(a) Spend a year collecting frames and procrastinate about putting them up for a really long time. Have your husband get so tired of all the empty frames laying around that he will force you to complete the task. 

1.(b)Lay the frames out on the floor/table and arrange and rearrange.rearrange.rearrange until it is to your liking.

2. Find an empty wall.

3. Have your handy husband hang the frames in the design laid out for him.

3. continued...

4. Now that your frames are all hung, you should probably order prints to fill them (unless you like the photos of random people you don't know).

5. Place your pictures into frames, sit back, and enjoy your masterpiece!

This has been a project I've wanted done for so long! It feels so wonderful to finally have it completed. The best part.. Seeing my own photos displayed. So neat. I am awful at actually having pictures printed, but now that I've started I will hopefully keep up and switch them out every few months!


  1. Yes, it is a masterpiece! Beautiful job, Brandy!

  2. Awesome! I've been thinking about doing the exact same thing! Great minds hey?

  3. so pretty! i love wall collages. we got a million frames for our wedding to use as decor and they were all cheap thrift store finds but some of them are so neat. and PERFECT for a wall collage. i love that "windows" sign, too. we have a "they lived happily ever after" one just like it and they are so, so pretty! i'm now on the hunt to find more.

  4. LOVE it! I'll have to share mine sometime, nice work!



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