Oh Dear..


Dear Thursday. Once again.. you, me and blogging just did not work out. I think I may have to schedule some posts for you..
Dear Husband. Thanks for all the work you've done this week. I know this is a crazy busy season for us!
Dear Kinder Cooking. We are going to rock on Monday now that I have found THIS RECIPE. They are all going to think I'm the best! {I hope..} How on earth did I end up in charge of you anyways?
Dear Houston. I guess I don't mind if you drop food on the floor. I know you'll just eat it later.. Ewww...

Dear Boys. The cuteness displayed in this photo is almost too much to handle. Wyatt, those pudgy little cheeks are just screaming to be pinched.. Houston, your I_know_you_want_to_give_me_whatever_I_want look is almost perfected. Shoot..

Dear Readers. I am so thankful for every.single.one of you! Praying you all have a blessed weekend!

Brandy  Jane Mabel



  1. Aw, these are so sweet-- that last picture? PRECIOUS.

    love love!


  2. Soooo cute! And kids are so yucky haha.. I made those pizza muffin things, they're so good! My daughter loved them.

  3. dearest brandy,
    we adore you and really enjoy these letters :0

    boy are those boys cute.

  4. Such good letters!! : )

    have an unbelievable weekend!



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