Dear Grey..


Dear Hair. I found one of you had turned grey this week. Be informed that this is unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. Since this was the first time, I will forgive you, but if any of you follow this bad example I will be forced to pour chemicals on you that will turn you brown. K, thanks.
Dear Grey. Grey or Gray? I know both are acceptable. Grey is the UK spelling and Gray is American. I can't decide which of you I like better..
Dear Sienna. Please remind your teacher that you are only in kindergarten. Mommy is having a hard time keeping up with all this homework you have had lately considering you require assistance with pretty much all of it. I do enjoy spending that time with you though, so maybe don't tell her.. Mommy will just work a little harder at trying to keep up.
Dear Husband. Thanks for painting, drywalling, mudding/taping, fixing electrical, tiling, stippling as well as helping with the laundry and dishes. You are superman. I on the other hand feel like a lazy bum. Love you.
Dear Friday. Glad you are here once again. Can't wait to hang out with some great youth tonight.

Brandy Jane Mabel



  1. See, I should have followed your lead! You scolded your first gray hair and I never did. Clearly that's why so many of the others followed down that pigment-less path. P.S. I'm partial to grAy since its how I spell my last name :-)

  2. My word I think I plucked about 10 greys yesterday, and I didn't even get CLOSE to getting them all, little buggers.

    Cutie letters!

  3. I have been finding gray/grey (I can't decide either!) hairs too lately. What the heck!!! It has made me compulsive comb through my hair to find them and pull them out and run to my husband saying "LOOKATTHISSSSWHYYY?!" I have curly hair and my greys are stick straight. I find that odd.

  4. I am down with GREY! But I am Canadian and also get made fun of for the way that I spell stuff. Or the way that I talk, eh!

  5. There comes a point where you can't pull the gray anymore or you would have very little hair left! I'm getting quite close to that stage...I think...but I'm not sure because I've been pouring on those "brown chemicals" you mentioned! Very cute letter to your gray hair!

    And about the spelling of gray/grey...I use whatever spelling fits the word. So Earl GREY tea but a cloudy, GRAY day! It's a moody word, so use it as the mood strikes you!

  6. Can't pull out the gray hairs anymore or I'd be bald. I just had to embrace it...and now, I love it...



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