Control Freak Confessions..


I'm kind of a control freak.

Even when it comes to my kids' crafts, I have a hard time letting go and letting them do things their way. I really struggled with this when Sienna was little and we started coloring together. She would have her page to color, and I would have mine. She always wanted to 'help' me with mine, and it drove me crazy. She would always mess with my perfect in.the.lines coloring method! I know that sounds awful. I really have come a long way, and I have let go of the coloring thing.. Really
Sienna had a school project to do this weekend. We had to make a snowman with some paper plates. I am glad to say that doing it together went really well. It helps that she is so girly and was cool with me making some fabric flowers for the scarf! I told her that the pink eyes she wanted to put on were kind of weird, but she insisted. It was her snowman, so I had to let it go.. I know, control freak. I've still got some letting go to do, but I am pleased with how my our snowgirl turned out!


  1. I'm exactly the same! I hate myself for it but it's not easy letting go.

  2. I can so relate with this...I'm the same way. ;) Her snowgirl turned out super cute.

  3. I know how you feel! I'm totally the same way, except more with cooking/baking and cleaning! If Olivia makes the slightest mess while helping me bake I usually hurry her out of the kitchen! I wish I was better with it. Cleaning just seems easier if I do it (the right way), but I know she has to learn sometime! I'm learning that she likes to make her bed, and that's awesome, even if it doesn't look the way I want it to! Such sweet pictures of her! xo

  4. Darling!

    and i can so relate, ...i was the worst at baking with my daughter, i could never just let her try!

    love the new header too, so sweet!

  5. I was JUST telling my mom how much I like things to be "just so" and how I needed to let go of some things. Especially when it came to being married and having to "share" the responsibilities around the house and with the kids. I'm still a work in progress, but I am definitely A LOT better. I'd tell you to ask Phil... but I might not like his answer! Bah ha ha

    Lovin the blog! Keep it coming :0)

  6. the thing about control freaks: they are some of the best people i know. loving the pics.

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