Festival Of Trees


We went the the Festival Of Trees this weekend. It was so busy. I used to enjoy busy places. My husband and I could spend hours and hours in a packed shopping mall and never once be bothered by the bustling of busy bodies pushing their way past. I'm not sure what changed for me. I don't even think it was having kids that has changed my feelings towards big crowds. Still, I did my best to take in all the sights of Christmas and the looks of wonder on my kids' faces..

How sweet are they? Too much cuteness to handle..

I loved the branches and the snowflakes together.. So earthy and warm!

{photographer lingo for the pretty light circles}
Took a while for me to figure out exactly how to capture it!

Decorating their own little trees. We didn't do one for Houston. Is that bad? He doesn't notice yet so we saved ourselves the $4!

I LOVED this white tree!

...and this one!

This next section was Sienna's favorite! So sweet and sparkly...

Coen's favorite.. He's all boy!

We had a sweet time!


  1. LOVE all the photos! You are soo good Brandy!


  2. I'm so glad you posted these! I've been thinking of the Festival of Trees for a whole week now, wishing I could go...and now thanks to you I got to! Karyn

  3. Nice use of depth of field Brandy. Specifically the one with Sienna and Coen but also on the ones with Bokeh.

  4. Aww. Great photos! Olivia's class went on Friday and I was parent helper, so I dragged Scott and Judah along with us! We've been the past 2 years, and I thought it was much smaller this year, but still beautiful and lots of fun! That white tree made entirely out of zip ties was insane! I think they told me something like 8 people worked on in for 40 hours EACH! INSANE! Judah loved the Cars tree too! :)Glad y'all had fun!

  5. That is the cutest pictures of the three together! I love it! All are nice. You've got me into my camera again, a lot to learn.... I really like the bokeh.

  6. Great photos, thanks for sharing!



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