Dear Santa..


Dear "Santa". Wow. That is pretty much all I can come up with to describe our experience with you yesterday. It was so kind of you to chat with someone on the phone for a whole 5 minutes while ten families with small well-behaved kicking and screaming children stood and waited {exhibit A}. Also, I thought a job requirement for becoming good ol' Santa was a measure of Jolly. I'm sorry to say that you were seriously lacking in this department. Your barely-there smirk made a quick appearance for the picture {exhibit B}, which I am grateful for, but that was about the only ounce of cheer you exhibited. I am thankful that my kids know you are not real anyways {sorry santa lovers}, so their expectations weren't very high to begin with. To be fair though, you did give them candy. That makes you a winner in any kids eyes!

{exhibit A}

{exhibit B}



  1. Wow! I'd show that first picture to whichever mall you were at and have that Grinch fired! It's not fair to kids (whether they believe or not), and by kids, I mean it's not fair to their moms who spend an hour getting everyone coordinating outfits, getting them dressed, and standing in line for sometime INSANE amounts of time all while they whine, scream, fight, etc etc! Merry Christmas!-ha

  2. hahah oh gosh that picture of Santa on a cell phone is classic!lETS sent it to his supervisor!!Kidding!

  3. Ahh what a terrible Santa! At least the kiddos got some candy out of it. :P



  4. hahaha oh my word. this made me LAUGH!!! silly santa. the picture with your kids came out cute though!!



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