Dear 2011


Dear 2011. You seem to have come and gone so quickly. I feel as if we were just welcoming you in, wondering what you would have in store for us. You brought many things our way. Struggle, joy, trials, triumphs, excitement, exhaustion, but most of all.. growth. We met many milestones this year.. I turned 29 30. Our youngest learned to walk. We went from 2 in diapers to 1 {woohoo Coen}. Our oldest started kindergarten. Our church moved into their new facility. It was the first year I have not been either pregnant or with a newborn in 5 years! Many monumental moments for our family have taken place in 2011! This year I also lost my grandfather and gained a nephew. Jeremy and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. I embraced my love for photography, and this little blog Jane Mabel came into existence! I pray that I would glean good from it all as I reflect on the events that took place this past year..

Dear 2012. I look to you with the same, if not more, anticipation with which I received 2011. The only resolution I am making for this new year is to walk closer with the Lord. To listen even more intently to His voice, His call, so that I may see all that He has in store for me in 2012 and every year after...

Dear Readers. I pray that you would not look back at this year with any sense of loss, but that you would look ahead with hope in hand and trust in your heart, looking towards the One who holds it all!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

Brandy Jane Mabel



2012 is going to be epic!!


  1. love these letters! and LOVE love that verse. so so true. bring it on 2012!


  2. I think you need one more child.



  3. dear brandy-
    we love and adore you and your blog, we look forward to your posts and we admire your heart and realness. your pictures are absolutely amazing and we look forward to more of jane mabel in 2012!!!
    love, readers (well at least me, gina)xoxo



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